Editing Services

Are you working on a project with words? I can help with your editorial needs.

What I offer

Developmental editing ($40/hr)

Best for nonfiction and fiction storytellers, developmental editing provides an outsider perspective to help you wrap your mind around the story you’re trying to tell and identify the best way to tell it.

You’ll get feedback on everything from big-picture structure and narrative logic, all the way down to word usage and sentence flow.

Copyediting ($35/hr)

You’re done writing, but now you need another set of eyes. Copyediting makes sure your work makes sense.

Your work will receive corrections for consistent spelling, editorial style, grammar, punctuation, and word usage.

Proofreading ($30/hr)

Just the obvious mistakes. This is the last form of editing before sending a project into the world.

I’ll make sure the content is complete (no designer errors that cut off sentences) and correct. Spelling, grammar, punctuation.

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Ongoing clients

Taylor University
The Kitchen Community
SmartBug Media