I’m probably somewhere writing.

Meredith 2My name is Meredith Sell. I’m a writer and editor who thrives in the realms of stories and ideas.

I am committed to telling stories accurately through thorough reporting, in-depth interviews, and precise writing. I’m interested in everything from art and science to sports and psychology. I’m especially drawn to stories of human resilience, little-known pieces of history, and the intersections of art, science, faith, and humanity.

I’m the one-woman team behind Denver Box Life, a blog dedicated to the world of CrossFit in and around Denver, Colorado. I write and produce The Flipped Switch, an email newsletter that exists to share thought-provoking media. I’ve also written about Cecilia Payne Gaposchkin (the woman who is the reason we know hydrogen is the universe’s most common element), the women who established NYC’s first private orphanage (you’ve probably heard of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton), and the refugee crisis as witnessed in Lesvos, Greece.

I also work as a freelance editor, providing developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading services to a variety of companies and institutions connected to education and medicine.

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Contact me: meredithleighsell@gmail.com | Follow me on Twitter: @Meredith_Sell